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Beginners Ashtanga

general general1 There are many different styles of yoga so everyone can find a style that suits them. The style that I prefer to teach is Ashtanga yoga which was developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This dynamic style of yoga involves synchronising the breath with a set series of postures which produces an internal, detoxifying heat.

In our Beginners Ashtanga Yoga classes we’ll work together through a set sequence of postures that include a warm up sequence, standing postures, seated postures (where everyone breaths a sigh of relief!), back bends and some of the finishing sequence. Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before as you can work at your own pace and rest as needed.

Your first class:
Your main task is try not to put yourself under too much pressure. Trying yoga for the first time usually has you wondering which way’s up, so do what you can and have a laugh with it; it’ll take a few classes till you start to find your rhythm.
It’s best to try to avoid eating a meal within 2 hours of the class. Yoga is not competitive so try your best not to focus on what everyone ageneral2round you is doing. Different body shapes (long arms and short legs make it much easier to reach those toes!), fitness levels, sporting practice (runners have tight hamstrings) and simply how you’re feeling that day all impact on your practice so simply focus on where you’re at and what you’re working on.

What you’ll need:down dog
Wear comfortable clothing (anything you’d wear to the gym or fitness class). Yoga is practised bare foot so no need for fancy trainers. Bring a mat, though I have some available for first timers. You might find a small hand towel useful and a bottle of water for after class.

If you have any other questions about the class don’t hesitate to contact me at pamela@dharma-yoga.co.uk, call or text me on 07963 304156 or send a Facebook message.