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Mummy and Me Yoga

Designed with new mums in mind, this class gives you the opportunity to ease yourself back into exercise, help your body to recover and provide time and space to adjust to your new role. And best news of all, you don’t need to find childcare to manage along. The class is a combined session of baby yoga and and yoga for new mums. We do a mix of postures that focus on recovery of your abdomen and pelvic floor and movements/postures for your wee one  (aged 6 weeks to crawling) with singing :-).

The class runs on a pay as you go basis so simply call or message me to let me know that you want to attend the class. The sessions are kept small (around 8 mums with babies) so that I can ensure you’re getting exactly what you need from the sessions.

Benefits to baby: colic relief, improve sleep, positive interaction with mum (and the rest of the family). Benefits to you: improved muscle tone, work on improving separation of stomach muscles and some much needed me time!

The sessions are baby led in that if you need to feed, entertain, change, sooth or even sing to your baby then go for it.

The venue has free parking and plenty of space so that if you need, you can find somewhere quiet for you and your baby.

For more information please text, call or email 07963 304156 or pamela@dharma-yoga.co.uk, Facebook message)

mummyThis class is currently not timetabled. Check back regularly for updates.