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Yoga in Motherwell

Really pleased that I've now managed to find a location to run all my private yoga classes. The Health and Wellness Hub is a fantastic charity that has a lovely space for our classes. You can now choose from a pregnancy yoga class, postnatal yoga … [Read more]

Toddler Sun Saluations

I started offering the family friendly yoga sessions during the school holidays as a wee experiment and am loving the fact that they're really now coming into their own. This gorgeous wee girl has been coming to class for a few months and, despite … [Read more]

Beginners Yoga Workshop in Motherwell

Had a lovely evening with 3 gorgeous ladies beginning their yoga journey. We covered working with the breath, posture, sun salutations and a few of the asanas we feature regularly in class. You did fantastically ladies, hope to see you in class soon. … [Read more]

It’s summer, so it’s quiet…

...So this means that it's the ideal time to beat the queue and get booked into your pregnancy yoga class today! These classes usually have waiting lists of between 3 - 8 weeks but during the summer spaces become available :-). Classes run … [Read more]

Yet more reasons to try yoga

Have a wee look at this if you've been thinking about trying yoga but still need that extra wee push to actually get you to class. Yoga classes are currently running throughout North and South Lanarkshire and are suitable for anyone from absolute … [Read more]

Pregnancy Yoga

A few spaces have become available in the Motherwell Pregnancy Yoga class and I anticipate a few places coming up in the Hamilton class in the next month. These classes have been waiting list only for the last few months so if you're interested get … [Read more]

Yoga for wrists

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sJdx19aL7A … [Read more]

Sun Saluations

There's so many variations of this sequence, here's a quick wee review of 3 of them. You might be doing one of these, a mash up of elements from all of them or something completely different … [Read more]

Timetable Update

Hi all, some changes in May to my timetable so check out the latest classes here; http://www.dharma-yoga.co.uk/timetable/ … [Read more]

Hi there!

I'm Pamela of Dharma Yoga. Just wanted to say a quick hello, and thank you for checking out my website. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. Love yoga, and love introducing people to yoga so hope to see you on the mat … [Read more]