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Pregnant?…Trust me, you NEED this class :-)

Join this gorgeous group every Saturday at our pregnancy yoga class in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire. We include yoga postures that will help you through your pregnancy and labour, some lovely and well deserved relaxation and we usually spend a fair amount of time chatting about what you might expect from, and how to get ready for, child birth.

Yoga during pregnancy can help with aches and pains, cramp, heartburn, and helps your body to prepare for the marathon that is labour and child birth….and even provides a lovely space to have a rant when hormones just get to THAT stage 😉

Class runs from 11.30 – 12.45 every Saturday, and they’re suitable for any stage of pregnancy and any level of yoga experience.

Costs £48 for 6 classes (with 7 weeks to attend 6 sessions).

Send me a wee message if you’d like more info or to book in; / 07963 304156