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Why I teach postnatal mum and baby yoga classes

So, once upon a time I had a wee baby boy, and he was gorgeous and squishy and loved. Unfortunately though he also cried a lot, and he really didn’t sleep a lot and so I was searching for something that could help us get through this soul crushingly difficult time.

And one day I thought I found the answer; this baby class told me that their specially created sound track could sooth even the grumpiest of babies, and that their moves and stretches would sort out even the sorest of cholicy tummies and that we would have an amazing hour just cooing and bonding with each other…so I signed up…obviously!

Unfortunately the class wasn’t the happy ending I had hoped for. My gorgeous wee boy cried through the whole class (well, OK he didn’t cry for the first 5 minutes) while the brave teacher persevered with the rest of the group and to this day I still have no clue what the magic sound track was!

The happy ending did come…in it’s own time. Our wee boy slowly adapted to life on the outside and stopped crying (most of the time) and I’ve realised that all babies get there in the end. Some just get there a bit quicker than others and in the meantime the best thing we can do is look after ourselves, and talk to other mums cause bloody hell, we’re all going or been through it.

So why am I telling you this? Because I wanted to offer a class that would have helped me when I was going through those tough times. And since I’m a yoga teacher, mummy and baby yoga seemed the natural place to go. There’s no big promises but just a few simple things to let you know;

1. Talking about the good stuff and the crappy stuff with those that are in the same boat REALLY helps

2. Yoga will help you to look after yourself and you can give your body the time and space it needs to gently recover.

3. One day in the not too distant future you’ll be able to drink that entire cup of tea or coffee in one go, without frequent microwave re-heats.

4. Oh, and babies love wiggly fingers in tree pose (it’s totally a thing!)

My Mummy and Me (postnatal yoga( classes are focussed on recovery of your body while offering babies some gentle stretches and songs. There’s no need to block book, classes cost £7 per session and run on Fridays 11am in Motherwell

If you’d like to talk (or text or email) you can reach me on 07963 304156 or